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News October 2010 Hearty welcome to Swedish Fishing Film Contact info

thomas ohman swedish fishingfilm

I have been working professionally with film & television photography for more than 20 years. I've also
been totally crazy about fishing
since I was two years old. I think
this combination, including my
high ambition is some of the
reasons behind my success
as a fishing film producer.

/Thomas Ohman,
fisherman, cameraman, editor
& fishing film producer.

Swedish Fishing Film

My name is Thomas Ohman & I am a well known professional fishing film producer with 20 years of
experience from work with Swedish television as a cameraman & editor. My ambition is to produce high
quality fishing films with the right feeling for both nature & the fishing. So far I have made 3 fishing films
that have been very popular in Sweden. When I starting up this English website I will introduce two of my
best fishing DVDs. They are called Pike Fever & the Dream Stream. Both are translated into English with
subtitles made by professionals which means that it's very easy to understand. You will find more info
about my DVDs under "My fishingfilms" in the menu. Here is where you can have a lock at the film
trailers as well. If you want to order my fishing DVDs you will find all the info under "Webshop" in the
menu. I wish you hearty welcome ones again to my website & I hope you'll like my fishing DVDs.

Best fishing regards

Thomas Ohman, Swedish Fishing Film Sweden

Swedish Fishingfilm, Svensk fiskefilm
Fishing entertainment at its best!

MD, Producer & Sales manager
Thomas Ohman

e - mail:

Stockholm, Sweden

+46 (0)70 - 791 31 28

I'm looking for distributors all
over the world. If you are interested to distribute my
fishing DVDs in your country,
please let me know.

Pike Fever by Thomas Ohman Sweden
The Pike Fever has won the award "Best
fishing film of the year". This fishing DVD
has also become a greate Best-Seller & a
classic in many fishermans DVD collection.
dream stream dvd
The Dream Stream is the most beautiful
fishing DVD that ever been produced from
Swedish nature in Lapland. This fishing
film has become very popular in Sweden.