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I have been passioned with photo & fishing since I was two years old. When I was around 10 years old
my passion for fly fishing get started. In 2003 I started my fishing film productions & in December 2004 my first fishingfilm "Pike Fever" was releasing. In May 2005 Pike Fever won the award
"Best fishingfilm of the year".

/Thomas Ohman, fishing film producer, Swedish Fishing Film

My name is Thomas Ohman & I am a well known professional fishing film producer with 20 years of
experience from work with Swedish television as a cameraman & editor. My ambition is to produce high
quality fishing films with the right feeling for both nature & fishing. So far I have made 3 fishing films. One
of them is called "the Pike Fever. This film has won the award "Best fishing film of the year" in Sweden 2005
& Pike fever is one of the best selling fishing films in Sweden ever. In November 2010 I released a new big
shot. This fishing film is called "the Dream Stream". It's a fly fishing adventure recorded in the most beautiful
north part of Sweden "Lapland". The Dream Stream was released in May 2010 in Sweden & become quickly
very popular. Most of my customer thinks that the Dream Stream is one of the most beautiful & best fishing films ever been produced. For me it's my fishing film for a lifetime. It took me 7 summers to complete the
recordings be course of the fact that I'm doing something's very complicated. I'm filmed my selves for one month during a 100 km long canoeing adventure alone in the total wilderness searching for the best fishing spots Sweden has to offer. If I haven't told you that I'm filmed my selves I don't think you have noticed be course the photo is on a very professional level, made with same ambition as if the job was for television.
The sounds are separate recorded by 12 channels which means, when you enjoy my film it will feels like
you are there in the nature. All sounds are there, the river, the birds, the fly line in the air, the wind in the trees, the wakes far out in the streams & the splashes from jumping fishes. As I know this is the only fishing film ever that been made with 12 channel stereo sound. I think this is one of the reasons why the Dream Stream DVD is so enjoyable.

Thanks for visiting my site & welcome back!

Best fishing film regards
Thomas Ohman, Swedish fishing film

Swedish Fishingfilm, Svensk fiskefilm

Thomas Ohman

MD, Producer & Sales manager

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