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On recording locations THE DREAM STREAM - My midge-fishing paradise Recorded 2003-2009

the dream stream

fishingfilm recordings - the dream stream

The Dream Stream was released in May 2010 in Sweden & become quickly very popular. Most
of my customer thinks that the Dream Stream is one of the most beautiful & best fishing films that ever
been made from the Swedish nature in north Lapland. For me it's my fishing film project of a lifetime. It
took me 7 summers to complete the recordings be course of the fact that I'm doing something's very complicated. I'm filmed my selves for one month during a 100 km long canoeing adventure alone in the wilderness searching for the best wild fishing spots Sweden has to offer. If I haven't told you that I've
filmed my selves I don't think you have noticed be course the film is made on a very professional level,
it's made with same ambition as if the job was for a TV channel. The sounds for example are separate recorded & edited by 12 channels which means, when you enjoy my film it will feels like you are there in
the wild Swedish nature. You will hear all the natural sounds like the river, the birds, the fly line in the air,
the wind in the trees, the wakes in the streams & the splashes from jumping trout's & graylings. The
Dream Stream is as I know the only fishing film that ever been produced with 12 channel stereo sound
this far in the whole wide world. I think this is one of the reasons why the Dream Stream DVD is so
enjoyable and why it makes nature lovers shiver

The fishing film recordings of the Dream Stream with Thomas Ohman:

It all started when I was hungry for new challenges after 15 years of work as a cameraman on TV. I've also been fishing since I was a kid, especially in the north of Sweden so I thought I came up with a brilliant idea.
In one month I intended to paddle 100 kilometers far out in the wilderness searching for the best fishing spots. I looked around for some info & I decided to go to a area I never been in before, but there was
some thoughts. I have never been paddling. Is this possible to manage by myself & the worst: Is it really possible to film my selves in all situations out there? The questions showed up like bubbles in a club soda,
but finally I decided to go for my greatest film challenges ever. From start I thought I could film this over
one or two summers, but soon I realized that it would take so much longer... It took me seven summers to complete the recordings. Think about to carry 100 kilo camera stuff, fishing rods, camp equipment & food
for one whole month in the wilderness. This all I drag over hills, forests & really wet bogs all by myself & in
any kind of weather. One summer it was raining every day for 3 weeks so I couldn't record anything! And
when the worm summer finally come along with good film & fishing weather the mosquitoes sims to hatch & going for my blood like mad. These things was not new for me but it's a real pain to work when they are around. The hardest part was absolutely the filming anyway. For example, when I was recording one little picture when I come upstream with my canoe I first have to find a spot for the camera & rig it up.
Check the sounds, the sharpness, the exposure & then press record running to the river take the canoe &
start to go upstream trying to say the right words or just go at the right line so it looks good in the camera. When I have done it I always go back to the camera, rewind the tape & check it out. Most of the times I discover that I have to do it ones again. There is so many things that can go wrong, especially when you
are doing something as complicated as to film your selves. The sun may shows up & the exposure got
wrong, the sound sender suddenly freak out, I said the wrong things or just doesn't found the smooth
running. From these reasons I often had to do every little scene 4-5 times & sometimes when I had worked
with a scene for a half day it started to rain. Then it was just to put the camera in the bag & maybe go on
later when the wheatear is ok. Some scenes are made by recording from 3-5 different years. So I think you
will understand that I've had a tough time out there. Some scenes that take a day or more to record will
just last for 5 seconds in the movie. As we all know there are both bad & lovely times in the wilderness. I
also had the pleasure to enjoy many wonderful moments when the river or lakes were full of waking trout's
& graylings. Some of the mornings were just like a dream: Think about fog, beauty red sky & a lot of
wonderful sounds from the awaking nature & fish waking everywhere. In my film you will follow me in both sunny weather, rain, storms, mosquito invasions & a few absolutely wonderful morning scenes like this a
just described. After 7 summers of hard work alone in the wilderness I finally have it all on tape. It was 65 hours of material to start build a movie from & after 8 month of painstaking editing I'm sure you will understand that I was pretty satisfied to finish my work. The Dream Stream DVD really become my greatest ever film project & I'm very happy about all the mails & comments from you all out there who obviously love this DVD. Some of my colleagues has told me that the Dream Stream is a truly masterpiece. I've been
working with film & television for a long time but I am very flattered to hear those words after I going through
7 summers of hard recordings. In the bonus features you will find 7 minutes of behind the scenes movie
with more details about how this unusual fishing film was made.

Thanks for reading this little story & I hope you will enjoy my popular fishing films.

Thomas Ohman / Fishing film producer, Swedish Fishing Film

film recordings of the dream stream

recordings of the dream stream

Swedish Fishingfilm recordings - the dream stream

recording of Thomas Ohmans the Dream Stream
On recording locations PIKE FEVER - Jerkbaiting for Scandinavian monsters (Special Edition - 2009) Recorded in 2004 & 2008

Pike fever Sweden cwc strike pro europa

Pike Fever is one of the best selling fishing DVDs ever in Sweden. In 2005 the Pike Fever
get nominated by the Swedish fishing film festival in Byske & won the award "Best fishing film of the year".
In 2008 we updated the DVD with 28 minutes of new bonus features. At the same time I made this English
version called Pike Fever.

The fishing film recordings of the Pike Fever with Thomas Ohman:

It all started at lunch a magic Friday. I was free from work at the television & when I started to eat my breakfast I got a phone call. Mr. Stefan Trumstedt from the company of CWC (Strike Pro Europe) is
shouting out loud in my phone that he & his college has their pike fishing of a lifetime. They have just
landed a 33 lbs (15 kilo) northern pike & a few more in weight over of 22 lbs (10 kilo). He asked me to
come right away & produce a pike movie. I really get going on. I dropped everything, packed my camera, clothes & booked a fly ticket to the very south of Sweden archipelago. A few hours later I was at the airport, writing the script as I was waiting for the guys to come & pick me up. After a few hours they finally came &
we took of to the hotel. Early next morning we started up, run to the boats & go full of expectations out to
the hot fishing spots from yesterday. This weekend must have been something that only could happen ones
in a fisherman's life. Everywhere we throw our jerk baits we hock up with a 22 lbs (10 kilos) or even bigger pikes & this miracle was going on for the whole weekend. In only two days filming I had enough material to build one our amazing film which I called the Pike Fever. In Sweden this Pike Fever story spread like wildfire
& the DVD become quickly very attractive. Just before Christmas the DVD was released & the success was given. Today the Pike Fever DVD is a classic with a given place in every Swedish fisherman's DVD collection. The film is recorded in March 2004 but the bonus on the Pike fever DVD is updated from 2009.
The DVD contains 28 minutes of bonus with the perfect school for new jerkbait fisherman but even for those who been trough jerkbait fishing for some time. Trumman will show his best technique for every bait from Strike pro Europe & a lot of good accessories as well.

Thanks for reading this little story & I hope you will enjoy my popular fishing films.

Thomas Ohman / Fishing film producer, Swedish Fishing Film

Pike Fever recording Sweden

Pikefever recording Scandinavia