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Reviews THE DREAM STREAM - My midge fishing paradise
"My midge fishing paradise"

The most beautiful fishing DVD
that ever been produced from
Swedish wild nature, Lapland

You need a fast conection!
the dream stream dvd

Hearty thanks ones again to all for sending me mails & reviews about my fishing DVDs.
/Thomas Ohman Swedish Fishing Film

Reviews from customers:

Hallo Thomas!
Thanks for the film! After I have seen it I can just establish that it fulfil my high up expectations with measure.
This is the most beautiful fishing film I've ever seen, with a atmosphere and presence in addition to the ordinary.
The photo is enchanting beauty and I get a lump in one's throat of yearning to Lapland. Congratulations to you and
all of us who can enjoy your adventure in this extremely nice and cosy way! This is film and photo at its very best!
/ Timo Kanerva, Sweden

Hallo Thomas!
We have now watched your film tree times and really must say that the Dream Stream is the best fishing film that ever been made
according to our opinion, totally fantastic! What a challenge you attend to and succeeded with. I want to give you credit for the fantastic
film you've done. Thanks for all the inspiration you give with the Dream Stream DVD. Keep up the good work and we hope you'll produce
more lovely fishing films of this quality in the future. Many friendly greetings from me and my fishing friends.
/ Jan Fridh, Sweden

Hallo Thomas!
Thanks for this wonderful fishing film you have create. I enjoyed it from start to finish, I get goose pimples all over!
This is the best and most beautiful fishing DVD I've seen sins from hills to cost released. I hope you'll produce more
fishing DVDs in the future!
/ Lasse Sandholm, Sweden

Reviews PIKE FEVER - Jerkbaiting for Scandinavian monsters

Jerkbaiting for
Scandinavian monsters

Pike Fever has won the
Swedish fishing film price award
"Best fishing film of the year"

You need a fast conection!
pike fever dvd

For me Pike Fever is the best pike movie I've ever seen. Exiting drill, great attacks, & very good explained technique for jerkbaiting.
What I liked most is that a lot of the HITS were filmed. We all know from TV or from DVDs that come with the magazines, that the
HITS always come when the camera is off. But in this movie every hit is filmed. The movie is in Swedish with English subtitles, but it's easy
to understand. And those who can't understand English will understand most of it anyway be course the filming is excellent and I think the
pictures speak for it selves.
/ lg Simon, Germany

This was one of the greatest pike movies I've ever seen! Very good photo and you catched up a lot of violent takes which is unusual in
fishing films. The film was exciting from start to finish and I really was amazed over all the huge pikes they caught, it was just unbelievable!
The English subtitle was very easy to understand as you told me in your mail and I also find a lot of good stuff in the bonus. So Thomas,
thanks a lot for this totally amazing pike DVD. I will see it a lots of times, be sure! For me this is the must have pike DVD.
/ G. Muller, Austria